48 Hour Shipping

What You Need to Know About 48 Hour Shipping:

1. You must live in one of the following cities:

Toronto M4R, M5K, M5S, M3K, M4E, M4J, M4M, M4N, M4P, M4S, M4W, M4Y, M5B, M5C, M5E, M5G, M5H, M5N, M5X, M6G, M6H, M6R, M5J, M6J, M4K, M4L, M4T, M4X, M5L, M5P, M5R, M5T, M6K, M6P, M6S, M8V, M4V, M5V, M5W, M7Y, M5A, M9M, M9V, M9W, M9L, M3N, M3L, M3M, M3J, M3H, M2R, M2M, M2N, M2K, M2J, M2H, M9R, M9N, M9P, M9A, M9B, M9C, M8W, M8Z, M8X, M8Y, M6L, M6A, M6B, M6M, M6N, M6E, M6C, M6P, M6S, M6K, M5M, M2P, M2L, M3B, M3A, M3C, M4A, M4G, M4H, M4B, M4C
Vaughan L6A
Woodbridge L4H, L4L
Ajax L1S, L1T, L1Z,
Concord L4K
Thornhill L3T, L4J
Richmond Hill L4C, L4S, L4E, L4B
Markham L3P, L3S, L6C, L6E, L3R, L6G, L6B
Brampton L6R, L6T, L6V, L6W, L6X, L6Y, L6S, L6Z, L6P, L7A
Milton L9E, L9T
Hamilton L8N, L8P, L8R, L8G, L8J, L8S, L8V, L8H, L8M, L8E, L8K, L8L, L8T, L8W, L9B, L9C, L9A
Mississauga L4T, L4V, L5P, L4W, L5C, L5E, L5J, L5K, L5N, L5R, L5S, L5T, L5V, L5W, L4X, L4Y, L4Z, L5G, L5L, L5H, L5M, L5B
Oakville L6J, L6K, L6L, L6M, L6H
Burlington L7L, L7N, L7P, L7R, L7S, L7T, L7M
Scarborough M1G, M1H, M1J, M1S, M1M, M1E, M1N, M1R, M1X, M1P, M1C, M1K, M1T, M1W, M1L, M1V, M1B
Pickering L1V, L1W, L1X, L1Y
Whitby L1N, L1P, L1R, L1M, L0H
Oshawa L1G, L1H, L1J, L1K, L1L

2. Select "48 Hour Shipping" at checkout.

3. For same day delivery, orders must be placed prior to 8 AM. All orders placed after 8 AM will be shipped the following day. 

 Order Date Delivery Date
Before 8 AM (7 days a week)  Same day delivery
Sunday Monday
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Monday

4. Orders will be delivered between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM. After a sale event day, orders could be delivered as late as 10 PM.

*Service is available by Courier, not Canada Post or Canpar, and is only available to Residential Addresses 7 days a week. There is no service to PO Boxes, or Commercial addresses, and there will be no delivery on civic or statutory holidays.